Local Delivery Available.

Special Features

  • Strengthens Bones and Teeth
  • Prevents : Thyroid,Diabeties,Constipation
  • Increases Immunity (Ojas Vardhaka)
  • Promotes weight loss and reduces ageing
  • Cleanses Skin and strengthens hair
  • Best for child and feeding mothers
  • Considered as "Amrit" in Ayurveda
  • Many Treatement are done by cow's milk in Ayurveda
  • We have happy cows, who stay in air cooled farms and are given all modern facilities.
  • State of art mechanized farm
  • Cows are fed own grown nutritious and organic fooder
  • Our milk is rich in Omega3
  • Milk is free of any chemical/preservatives
  • Milk is delivered within 12 hours of milking

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