Frequently Asked Questions

Q : From where is Indicow milk sourced?

A : Daily milk is sourced from our happy cows located at Hassangarh, close to Sampla, located in Haryana.

Q : How are the cows maintained at your farm? What measures are taken for their well being, both physical and emotional?

Cows stay in air cooled sheds and are indulged with classical and devotional music, regular showers, have regular preventive healthcare check and are fed own grown green fodder. No synthetic growth hormones are given and are supervised by professional in house team of doctors and care takers.

Q : Why should I buy Indicow milk and not any other branded/ local dairy milk?

Unlike other brands of milk, Indicow Milk is not touched by human hand & is milked from a selected breed of HAPPY COWS who are fed own grown green fodder. Milk is clinically tested and has no preservatives or adulterants at all. Milk is completely natural.

Q : How can I myself access the quality of milk?

We Periodically indulge in sample test reports from FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) which gives assurance on the milk quality.Also our processing is transparent which can be seen by the consumers on request.

Q : Where can I get Indicow milk for daily requirement?

You can call us on +91-8800249990 or send in your query from the website and if your residence is in our delivery area, we would deliver Indicow milk at your door step.

Q : What is the shelf life of the milk?

As the milk is raw, so after boiling and cooling it, when refrigerated it can be used for 2/3 days.

Q : Do you sell toned milk?

Yes, but only for institutions.

Q : Why Indicow milk is not standardized in its consistency like other branded milk?

Milk is a natural product , hence it is dependent on the cow’s lactation cycle, variant of fodder given to it, seasonal changes and other natural factors. Milk is sold in its raw form and is not processed that is the reason for its inconsistency.

Q : In what all quantity packs milk is sold?

We have milk in half and 1 tr packing.

Q : I can't set good curd with the milk. It's very flowy. Why is that so?

The curd set with milk available in market is generally thick due to milk powder added to it. Indicow being pure milk lacks that. The ideal way to set curd with cow’s milk is to mix the culture to milk which is about to boil in 4-5 minutes. Also Culture should be taken from Indicow milk for best result

Q : Generally cow’s milk is yellow in colour but your milk is white in colour, what is the reason for this?

Cow milk fat contains a coloring pigment called Beta-carotene, which makes the milk yellow in colour. This factor is variable due to seasonal fodder, breed of cow and other factors . Hence colour of Indicow milk is nothing to worry about. The malai which sets after boiling has yellow tinge.

Q : What is the fat content of the milk?

According to FSSAI reports, the fat content should be more than 3.5%.Fat content in Indicow milk varies from 3.8%-4.2% depending on season, quality of fodder etc.

Q : If it's full-fat cow's milk, why there is no thick malai on it after it is boiled and cooled?

The fat content in cow’s milk is less (max 4.5%) as compared to buffalo’s milk ( 6-7%) which is generally sold by brands and other dairies. Hence cow’s milk is easy to digest and gives less malai.Moreover, milk powder is added in other milk thus increasing the ‘malai’ content in it.

Q : Which breed of cow you milch?

We milch Desi Haryana cows, Tharparkar and HF cows. Milk from Desi A2 cows is used in preparing Premium A2 Indicow Ghee and packing of cow milk. HF cow s milk is used for preparation of toned milk.

Q : Is your milk A1 or A2?

We deal in both the milk and pack them separately. A2 milk is used for preparation of Ghee and packing whereas Hf cow milk is used in toned milk packaging

Q : Is you Ghee made up of Desi cow milk?

Yes, We use only desi A2 cow milk for prepration of A2 cow ghee.

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